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Botanical Name : Cupressus Lusitanica

Country of Origin : Madagascar

Olfactive Family : Aromatic

Harvester : Coeur de Forêt

Harvested Part : Leafy branches

Main application : Diffusion

Essential oil of Portuguese Cypress (Cupressus Lusitanica) Le Sourceur is 100% pure and natural. It is obtained by steam distillation of the leafy branches of the tree cultivated in Madagascar by the association Coeur de Forêt.

Original and surprising, its fragrance is very different from classic cypress. With an unequalled power, it is at the same time citrusy, aromatic and woody. Fabulous notes that bring a green and fruity effect in perfumed creations or simply in diffusion. Not to be missed under any circumstances.

In addition, Portuguese Cypress Essential Oil will be a great ally in everyday life. Rich in monoterpenes, it has many properties : antiseptic, antiviral and sedative.



Unique, this Portuguese Cypress totally modernizes the idea of this classic perfumery note. As aromatic as it is resinous, incisive and acerbic, it’s a very dynamic fruity cocktail that opens the note : apple, green mango… Then, under lemony accents of lime, the evolution gradually recalls turpentine and mountain alcohol : a wild and summery woody sensation is imposed. The base notes are more earthy, sedate and persistent, giving it a solid hold over time.


Notes :

Top, Heart

Associations :

Binder for aromatic and woody notes Eucalyptus / Vetiver, green and fruity effect.
Resinous note with Lavender / Fir balsam / Myrrh.

Creations :

This variety is very different from the more classic Cupressus Sempervirens in perfumery and widely used, so it is an original alternative with new possibilities that offer.

• Aphélie” – Trvdon (2021) – Antoine Lie


main emotions

Rich in Monotherpenes, the essential oil of Portuguese Cypress is tonic, psychic and general stimulant. It allows the circulation of energy, dissolves fears and transmits strength, courage and confidence to face the hazards of life. Balanced, down to earth yet reassuring. We know where we want to go.

Focused, Centered, Courageous


• Focus, Going to the core
• Need to make choices
• Helps extroverts to become more centered.
• Putting priorities in order

The essential oil of Cypress is connected to the crown chakra (7th chakra), it allows to take back the control on oneself.

Tips for use

• 5 to 10 drops in a diffuser
• a few drops on a ceramic pebble to place in a closet or a living room
• on a wet cloth, let it infuse, inhale deeply several times a day

For more details and to know if an oil is suitable for you and the best use for you, do not hesitate to contact an olfactotherapist.



• Decongestant +++
• Antioxidant +++
• Antifungal +++
• Venous, lymphatic and prostatic decongestant ++
• General nerve balancer ++
• Anti-inflammatory ++
• Prevents arterial hardening, vascular tonic ++

Tips for use

External use only : Oily unctions (30% in vegetable oil) for blood circulation
• Application of a few drops on the chest and back for coughs
Bath: 4-5 drops in milk powder to stimulate blood circulation

For your safety and that of your loved ones, consider consulting a professional aromatherapist.

Product Information

General Characteristics

Type of cultivation : Traditional organic certified by Ecocert
Harvest : April to October
Extraction method : Steam distillation
Production capacity : 200kg per year
Type of product : 100% pure and natural essential oil

Main Components

• Monoterpenes : alpha-pinene (13.8 to 19%), delta-3-carene (10.4 to 17.7%), sabinene (10.4 to 21.2%), myrcene ( 3.7 to 6.5%), limonene (2.3 to 5.5%)
• Sesquiterpenols : cedrol (Trace to 1%)
• Terpene esters : alpha-terpenyl acetate (Trace to 1%)

Organoleptic characteristics

• Yellow-brown oil
• Woody and citrus scent
• Liquid and mobile aspect

Physical characteristics

• Density: 0.875
• Flash point : 35 °C


• Limonene
• Geraniol
• Citronellol

Product references

CAS registry Number : 8013-86-3
Batch Number : CYL/MAD/CDF/1218
Shelf Life : end of 2023


Essential oils are sensitive to UV radiation and to the progressive evaporation of their constituents. It is therefore imperative to keep them in a colored glass or aluminum bottle with a tight seal at a temperature between 5°C and 40°C.

CAUTION: Before any use of essential oils read imperatively the precautions for use.

Liquid and flammable vapors / Causes skin irritation/ May cause a skin allergy / In large quantities : Can be fatal in case of ingestion and penetration into the respiratory tract / Very toxic to organisms aquatic, leads to long-term effects / IF SWALLOWED: call immediately a POISON CENTER or a doctor / Do not induce vomiting / IN CASE OF CONTACT WITH THE SKIN: wash thoroughly with soap and water / IN CASE OF EYE CONTACT: apply abundantlya vegetable oil, then rinse with water/ In case of irritation or rash: consult a physician(keep at handosition the container) / Keep away heat direct / Keep out of reach of children / Do not use in women pregnant or breastfeeding and in children under 6 years of age.

The information provided on the Le Sourceur site is intended to be informative. They are derived from laboratory research and books published by health professionals but can in no way replace a doctor’s prescription. Le Sourceur declines all responsibility for self-medication.


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Kathy Vandevelde for her olfactotherapy expertise
Adrien Blanc for his expertise in perfume
Aurore Jouan for her olfactotherapy expertise

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