Le Saut

Le Saut

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Perfumed Mist

Le Saut

Accord : Woody Maelstrom

Source : Haïti

Olfactive Family : Woody

Creator : Le Sourceur

Perfumer : Adrien Blanc

Main application : Spray in a room

Drawing its strength from Haitian purification rituals, unifying and universal, the Perfumed Mist Le Saut accompanies Vetiver on its dizzying plunge into a lush forest.

Sources of inspiration


Latitude: 18°49’41.08″ N
Longitude: 72°13’28.769″ W


Le Saut perfumed mist pays homage to Haiti, its people, its culture and especially its vetiver. It owes its name to a sacred waterfall, renowned throughout the country and far beyond its borders.

Le Saut or Saut d’Eau is a waterfall located in the heart of the country that takes root at the top of the Terrible Mountain. In this place of tranquility, voodoo and Catholic pilgrims used to meet hand in hand to pay homage to the spirits, implore the goddess of love Erzulie or commemorate the apparition of the Virgin Mary. A highly symbolic place, a model of integration and tolerance, in which communities of all backgrounds, regardless of their origins, their social background, their sexual orientation or their beliefs, now mingle.


In a generous and unstoppable flow, where transparent pools of water flow into each other, women and men bathe in search of freedom and tolerance. Preserved from judgments or taboos, one comes here to recharge one’s batteries, to ward off evil and to introspect, through singing, dancing, shouting, nudity or simply to purify oneself by rubbing the body with a mixture of tree leaves. A timeless space, open to all, that allows one to forget the violence of society ; a Peace & Love in Haitian style that we wanted to honor with this fragrance.

The Fragrance

Creative Intentions

To capture the vigor of the water that rises from the heights of the Saut, as well as the tolerance that reigns in these places, we chose to accompany the Vetiver in its dizzying dive into a lush forest. Catching the sun from the heights, the fragrance is scintillating and vivacious before flooding a moss-covered rock. Thus, Vetiver in its fall asserts itself little by little and supports this search for freedom and self-acceptance.

Olfactory structure

A major ingredient guides the fragrance of the Le Saut perfumed mist : Vetiver essential oil. We find it here accompanied by many acolytes ready to announce, reveal and support its singular woody facet, starting with the Cypress. The first note of sap, green and intoxicating, is enriched with zesty and aromatic accents thanks to Lemongrass, and is carried by the Namibian Myrrh so stable and unifying. As if captive of this vegetal amber, Vetiver radiates, filling the air with its smoky signature, enriched with the floral velvetiness of Tuberose alcoholate. The whole is particularly durable and the identity of the fragrance remains intact as well as faithful.



For the days of work for example. To refocus with Vetiver and to stay focused with Cypress. The tuberose will also speak to us of courage and the Lemongrass will bring us this joyful note.


• Focusing
• Courage, public speaking
• Relax, Cocoon
• Introspection


• Spray a room and let yourself be transported
• To be sprayed on a support like a handkerchief, a wipe, a pebble, breathe several times until the smell fades. Respray
Squeeze the spray to spray and disperse your scented mist. Prefer supports located near air intakes, such as curtains or walls (not white to avoid any potential marking). Adapt the number of pressures to the volume of the room to be perfumed.

Product Information


Product Type : Home Fragrance / Perfumed Mist
Origin : Sourced in the World / Made in France
100% natural origin


• Transparent color perfume
• Woody/Smoky scent
• Mobile liquid appearance


Denatured alcohol 94.76%
• Essential oils : Vetiver 0.24%, Cypress Lusitanica 0.36%, Lemongrass 0.14%, Myrrh of Namibia 0.62%, Sandalwood Spicatum 0.28%

• alcoholate
: Tuberose 3.6%.


• Density : 0,810
• Flashpoint : +/- 17°c


UFI Number : 3500-K0GJ-Q00T-G5CX
Batch Number : BLS/FRA/LSC/0921
Shelf life : 3 years from opening


Indoor fragrances are sensitive to UV radiation and the gradual evaporation of their constituents. It is therefore imperative to keep them in a colored glass or aluminum bottle with a tight seal at a temperature between 5°C and 40°C.


Before using the indoor fog, it is imperative to read the precautions for use.

Highly flammable liquid and vapors / Causes severe eye irritation / Harmful to aquatic organisms, causes long-term adverse effects / For external use only

The information provided on the Le Sourceur site is intended to be informative. They are based on laboratory research and books published by health professionals, but in no way replace a doctor’s prescription. Le Sourceur declines all responsibility in case of self-medication.


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Kathy Vandevelde for her expertise in olfactotherapy
Adrien Blanc for his expertise in perfume

Le Saut
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