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Perfumed Mist


Accord : Scum of the Hesperides

Source : Mediterranean Basin

Olfactive Family : Cologne

Creator : Le Sourceur

Perfumer : Adrien Blanc

Main application : Interior mist spray

A tribute to the nymphs and naiads of the Hesperides garden, Neda Perfumed Mist fills the air with a sunny flight of citrus fruits and herbs, combined in a fresh and invigorating cologne accord.

Sources of Inspiration


Latitude: 37°23’58.318″ N
Longitude: 21°49’12.563″ E


Neda is at the same time a river, a waterfall and the goddess of water in Greek mythology.

A river first, commonly called Neda, which takes its source in the heart of the Peloponnese, in the heights of Mount Lykaio. And which flows in the middle of monuments of Ancient Greece like the site of Olympia or the temple of Apollo Epikourios, bordered by a green and luxuriant vegetation. Before finishing its journey by marrying the Ionian Sea by the Golf of Kyparissia, typical of the Mediterranean basin. Of an Olympian calm, this small river turns out to be wild and intractable when it transforms into waterfalls through narrow gorges.

Neda is also a series of powerful and refreshing waterfalls that flow into azure blue pools as beautiful as they are comforting. Peace and quiet in the midst of the crash of water on rock, a little corner of paradise like a trip to the kingdom of the immortals, in a Garden of the Hesperides that one would never want to leave.

To Finish, Neda is the goddess of water in Greek mythology, daughter of Ocean. An Arcadian nymph, she is one of the three nannies designated to raise Zeus in secret in order to protect him from his father Cronos, infamous for feeding on his children.


Our Neda room mist is a little bit of all of this at the same time. A Mediterranean fragrance that delicately tickles our nostrils and tells us the story of the basin, from its olfactory richness, with its citrus fruits, its maquis and its lavender fields, to its mythology, with its goddess of water, in all its states, whether it is slumbering or foaming, lapping or misting. From raw material to perfume, from symbol to emotion.

The perfumer's words

Creative Intentions

High place of spirituality and myths, the course of Neda unites the temples to the waterfalls, for the greatest pleasure of the senses. The nymph who gave her name to this perfume reveals her charms through the infinite vivacity of the Cologne accord. Wandering in a very real Hesperides garden, the water turned into mist nimbles the landscape with its greed.

Olfactory structure

The perfumed mist Bornda is articulated around Mandora essential oil to develop a fresh and invigorating cologne accord. The hesperidic flight is energized by the Eucalyptus thanks to its green and zesty accents, and supported by the aromatic richness of Lavender. The Orange Blossom infuses its solar facet into the whole, helping to keep the Mandora in place and guiding the fragrance towards more greediness. Very quickly, thealcoholate de Tonka Bean nimbles the air with a more balmy and powdery component, but also woody, thus sealing this revisited structure of the cologne.


Main emotions

It’s the carefree nature of Mandora, the journey of Orange blossom and the refreshing, mind-clearing quality of Eucalyptus. A light atmosphere to relax the atmosphere and let go of the daily routine.


• Relaxing
• Letting go
• To have a clear and light mind

Tips for use

• Spray a room and let yourself be transported
• To be sprayed on a support like a handkerchief, a wipe, a pebble, breathe several times until the smell fades. Spray again.
• Squeeze the spray to spray and disperse your scented mist. Prefer supports located near air intakes, such as curtains or walls (not white to avoid any potential marking). Adapt the number of pressures to the volume of the room to be perfumed.

Product Information


Product Type : Home Fragrance / Perfumed Mist
Origin : Sourced in the World / Made in France
100% natural origin


• Yellow-orange perfume
• Cologne scent, citrus
• Mobile liquid appearance


Denatured alcohol 95,22%
• Essential oils : Mandora 1,1%, Eucalyptus 0,22%, Lavender 0,12%,
Sandalwood 0,14%
• Alcoholate
: Neroli 3%, Tonka 0,2%.


• Density : 0.809
• Flashpoint : +/- 17°c


UFI Number : M200-20T5-E009-UTSV
Batch Number : BNE/FRA/LSC/0921
Shelf life : 3 years from opening


Perfumed mist are sensitive to UV radiation as well as to the progressive evaporation of their constituents. It is therefore imperative to keep them in a colored glass or aluminum bottle with a tight seal at a temperature between 5°C and 40°C.


Before using theperfumed mist, it is imperative to read the precautions for use.

Highly flammable liquid and vapors / Causes severe eye irritation / May cause skin allergy / For external use only

The information provided on the Le Sourceur site is intended to be informative. They are based on laboratory research and books published by health professionals, but in no way replace a doctor’s prescription. Le Sourceur declines all responsibility in case of self-medication.


On the Internet

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Kathy Vandevelde for her expertise in olfactotherapy
Adrien Blanc for his expertise in perfume

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