selection of the month lemongrass DISCOVER To discover or rediscover :
This great perfume classic
january selection the vetiver DISCOVER Fall for its distinctive fragrance with woody, earthy, fresh and planty notes. essential-oil-vetiver happiness oil osmanthus DISCOVER A spirit that harmonizes with simplicity, transmitting balance and serenity.

our store

fair trade

We pay the growers and producers a fair price.

sustainable development

We do everything possible to reduce our impact

committed to the planet

Saving the planet means defending nature and its inhabitants.

100% pure and natural

Our essential oils are 100% pure and natural and controlled in laboratory.


20 years of experience to retain only the best of what nature offers.


A fieldwork in the four corners of the world from the source to your living room.

an unusual Vocation

With 20 years of experience in sourcing raw materials to supply perfumers, Stéphane decided to create the Le Sourceur brand in order to present his olfactory discoveries to the general public and reveal the secrets of each of them with their sometimes thousand-year-old, often singular history. A journey of the senses that he invites you to experience with each breath.

Picture of Stéphane Piquart
Stéphane Piquart

Chief Sourcer

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