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Bushman Candle

Botanical Name : Sarcocaulon Mossamedense

Country of Origin : Namibia

Olfactive Family : Balsamic

Harvester : IRDNC

Harvested part : Resin

Main application: Diffusion

Bushman Candle Oleoresin (Sarcocaulon Mossamedense) is unique. You will only find it in Namibia, more precisely in the Kaokoland desert where only the Himbas tribes are allowed to source it. Its fragrance is as amazing as captivating, and it will charm you with its benzoin and vanilla notes. A little marvel that goes perfectly with an oriental accord.

In its natural state, it is found as a glowing wax. It protects the Sarcocaulon from the extreme heat of the Namibian summer. The Himbas then harvest it by hand directly from the thorny shrub and sometimes from its base. It is an integral part of the daily life of the tribe who use it as a torch, spice for oryx meat and insect repellent.

Bushman Candle’s oleoresin is rich in coumarin. It would have a positive impact on blood and lymphatic drainage. This results in a nervous and muscular appeasement. Natural moisturizer, it is used in Southern Africa for its regenerating properties.



Among the so-called “balsam” notes, Bushman Candle’s oleoresin has a golden place. Reminiscent firstly of Benzoin of Siam and Armenian paper, it becomes much more floral and refined. The heart is as resinous as waxy, and this honeyed note is adorned with a bewitching woody bark. Remaining of a total delicacy, the bottom embodies more and more the ancestral method of use of this natural “candle”. Smoky accents emanate crescendo, welcoming and luminous.


Notes :

Heart, Base

Associations :

Rose for an Oriental accord
Black Oud for a leathery effect

Creations :

• “Infusion Balm” – Geodora


main emotions

Bushman Candle’s Oleoresin is somewhere between Benzoin and Vanilla with an higher rate in Vanillin than Benzoin. It is the product of the ‘Big Hug’, allowing us to fight our fears and anxieties. It also brings this joyful side.

Comforted, Joy


• Fears
• Anxiety
• Lost

Tips for use

• a few drops on a ceramic pebble to place in a closet or a living room
• on a wet cloth, let it infuse, inhale deeply several times a day

For more details and to know if an oil is suitable for you and the best use for you, do not hesitate to contact an olfactotherapist.



• Moisturizing ++
• Blood Circulation ++

Very little is known about the scientific properties of Bushman Candle’s oleoresin. It is currently being studied by specialists and concrete results should soon be available.

Tips for use

For your safety and that of your loved ones, consider consulting a professional aromatherapist.

Product Information

General Characteristics

Type of cultivation : Wild Picking
Harvest : October – January
Extraction method : Infusion extraction in ethanol solution
Production capacity : A few kilos per year
Product complies with the following guidelines : ECOCERT, COSMOS, NATRUE, NOP, NPA
Type of product : Oleoresin 100% natural – 75% vol. alcohol

Main Components

• Vanillin – 0.3%
• Coumarin – <0.1%

Organoleptic characteristics

• Reddish-ochre oil
• Vanilla and benzoin scent
• Mobile liquid appearance

Physical characteristics

• Density : 0.8745
• Flash point : 18°C


• Eugenol
• Coumarin

Product references :

CAS registry Number : 1365254-19-8
Batch Number : BCR/NAM/AFM/0121
Shelf Life : 31/01/2024


Essential oils are sensitive to UV radiation and to the progressive evaporation of their constituents. It is therefore imperative to keep them in a colored glass or aluminum bottle with a tight seal at a temperature between 5°C and 40°C.

IRRITANT : Before any use of essential oils read imperatively the precautions for use.

May cause an allergic skin reaction / Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection / If skin irritation or rash occurs: Get medical advice/attention / IF ON SKIN : Wash with plenty of soap and water / Keep out of children’s reach / Not to be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women or children under 6 years old

The information provided on the Le Sourceur site is intended to be informative. They are derived from laboratory research and books published by health professionals but can in no way replace a doctor’s prescription. Le Sourceur declines all responsibility for self-medication.


On the internet



Sur la Piste des Senteurs : “Namibia, the Myrrh of the Himbas” – Production : Jangal Films


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Namibie – Author : Stéphane Piquart / Illustrator : Albin de la Simone / Publisher : Journal d’un anosmique


Kathy Vandevelde for her olfactotherapy expertise
Adrien Blanc for his expertise in perfume
Aurore Jouan for her olfactotherapy expertise

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