LE SOURCEUR WHO ARE WE As a provider of raw materials for the perfume industry for more than 20 years, we develop 100% pure and natural essential oils recognized for their exceptional fragrance and their therapeutic virtues.

We wish to develop our products in all their forms and make the most of their fragrance, in the service of olfactotherapy: well-being through smell, through the evocation of emotions.

More than thirty references

We sell about thirty references which correspond as much to our own discoveries
as to the essential oil market’s must-haves: Australian Sandalwood Spicatum, Extra Ylang from the Comoros, Geranium Bourbon from Madagascar, Haitian Vetiver, Indonesian Patchouli or even Myrrh Omumbiri and Bushman Candle from Namibia. A small range, guarantee of quality, which will be completed each year by 3-4 new oils.

The idea is to offer economic opportunities to local populations for the perfumery world while ensuring the protection and safeguarding of fragile environments
. We work with the help of associations (Coeur de Forêt, IRDNC, L’Homme & L’Environnement) to ensure the sustainability of our activities; the cultivation and distillation process are carried out directly on site by the producer in collaboration with NGOs, and the products are then marketed at fair prices established with and for the producers.

Le Sourceur is finally a responsible project that tends towards zero waste (systematization of seeded paper, recyclable packaging, recyclable glass bottles, long-term deposit policy, reuse of waste materials).

what is a sourceur

To be a sourceur is first and foremost to be a hunter of odors and fragrances for the perfume industry. A modern-day adventurer, he travels the planet in search of the most beautiful wonders that our plant and animal world can offer us.

He is thus at the origin of the materials that fine perfumery needs to create
its fragrances; in a way, a link between the reality of the field and the perfume houses that cultivate a refined spirit.

A humanist, he works for the protection of local populations and their environment. An individual who is both able to immerse himself in the socio-cultural specificities of each region he visits and to enhance local agriculture, while initiating sustainable development projects.

In short, a sourceur is a modern man who is impregnated with the values
and cultures of the past, committed and militant in the present and definitely
turned towards the concerns of tomorrow.

the explorers



sourceur in chief


chatty adventurer

Maxence Piquart


sense maker

Fellow travelers


Created in 2007, Behave is a source of scents for perfumers. The name Behave was born from the crystallization of “to be” and “to have”.

The association of the two terms underlines the absolute necessity of respecting the environment and of an irreproachable ethic towards the producers of perfumed raw materials.

aurore jouan

Aurore accompanies you on the path of understanding and communicating your emotions with the help of essential oils for a daily emotional balance. She is trained in Aromachology (Patty Canac) in Olfactotherapy (Gilles Fournil) as well as in specific and energetic Aromatherapy (Pierre Franchomme and Agnès Addey)

Travel companions


IRDNC is a Namibian association that strives to improve the living conditions of rural populations and minorities through the development of economic opportunities, including wildlife and local natural resources, in order to reduce the pressure on these rural areas.

coeur de foret

Since 2005, Coeur de Forêt has been working to protect forests and the people who live in them. By combining reforestation programs and development of fair trade channels, the association offers local producers an economic alternative to deforestation.

Man and nature

The association was created to show that, in the face of climate change and the dramatic loss of biodiversity, we must – and we can – find ways to involve everyone and the poorest local communities in a development compatible with the preservation of biodiversity.

an eco responsible project


Le sourceur militates for a reasoned agriculture that emancipates itself from the use of pesticides. As such, the project is committed to respecting the natural cycle of crops, following more environmentally friendly methods, limiting the areas of exploitation of crops or creating protected areas to ensure the sustainability of species and safeguard biodiversity with and for producers.


Le Sourceur uses its know-how for a more responsible distillation. Our fight: to reduce our consumption of electricity, water and wood while preserving the exceptional properties of the materials. A position that leads us to develop distilleries that run entirely on solar energy, currently being tested in the Comoros.


Aware of the environmental impact of launching an online sales site, Le Sourceur aims to minimize the consequences of its action; by developing more ecological delivery methods (bicycle, relay depots), but also by reducing its waste (deposit, minimum packaging, systematize biodegradable, etc). Concretely, we are working with Growing Paper with the objective of developing a 100% biodegradable packaging made of seeded paper within 3 years.

fair trade


By promoting the establishment of channels in close collaboration with associations established in the field (Coeur de Forêt, L’Homme & L’environnement, Guayapi, IRDNC) as a lever for development and reduction of inequalities, while ensuring the fair remuneration of producers.


Committing to a fair sharing of revenues between the grower, the operating association and the brand means ensuring the sustainability of the sector through an economic model that benefits everyone.

a transparent project


Being transparent means ensuring complete traceability of our products from their cultivation by the producer to their storage by us. It means democratizing rare and precious raw materials and allowing everyone to know their exact composition.


It also means providing regular reports on the functioning of our supply chains and the income they bring to all the actors. While setting up precise specifications in order to control the respect of the standards as well during the culture as during the transformation of the material: working conditions, respect of the sanitary rules, quality standards, etc.

we support a total transparency in a logic of
a logic of ethics and commitment to our customers